Lovely Planet

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2014, Steam/GOG, PC/Mac/Linux
2016, Xbox One, PSN, WiiU
Publisher :
Developer : quicktequila
Soundtrack : Calum Bowen
With boots of speed on your feet, an infinite supply of bullets for your semi-automatic and the ability to jump over twice your own height, you're well equipped to go up against any enemy on your quest. You'll find yourself trying to balance between jumping around dodging bullets and taking aim for a better shot at your enemies. The gameplay, should you choose to play a particular style, doesn't involve camping at cover spots and waiting for enemies to pop out. Defeat the baddies and avoid the onslaught of bullets to get to the next stage - perhaps it's a kind of play not suited for a 3D First Person Shooter game, but Lovely Planet hopes to translate the old formula into a version of its own anyway.

• The most authentic First Person Shooter experience, a game of jumping and shooting
• Hundred levels to master, five worlds to discover, one faraway destination
• Learn and practice each level to earn stars and set world records
• Search for multiple secrets hidden deep within each world
• Precise Gun Ballet at a flawless 60 frames per second! (conditions apply)
• Original Soundtrack by Calum Bowen here!
• A story so abstract, it's not told at all - you won't know what hit you



"The Trippiest FPS You'll See Today" - Kotaku

"First Person, Cuter: Lovely Planet" - Rock Paper Shotgun

" a happy, colourful game about shooting things" - PC Gamer

"Lovely Planet is the speed shooter of my dreams" - Kill Screen

"Here's a first-person shooter with a difference" - Polygon

"Lovely Planet Is The Cutest Shooter I've Seen" - Indie Statik

10 HD screenshots, banners and logo (~1.4MB)
Release Trailer @60 frames, 1080p avi (~241MB)


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